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Rosy Press is Closing Indefinitely

fresh-romance-vol-1-exclIn a post on Patreon, Janelle Asselin, founder of Rosy Press announced that she was closing the comics publisher “indefinitely.” It’s best to read what she says in her own words as to the reasons why.

The publisher burst onto the comics scene with a Kickstarter that raised over $50,000 from close to 1,500 backers. The digital comics have been collected in a print copy that debuted this year and is being published by Oni Press.

The comics released featured an impressive amount of talent including Kate Leth, Arielle Jovellanos, Amanda Scurti, Sarah Vaughn, Sarah Winifred Searle, Sarah Kuhn, Sally Jane Thompson, Savanna Ganucheau, Marguerite Bennett, Marcy Cook, Maya Kern, Jen Van Meter, Kyle Latino, Marissa Louise, Spike Trotman, and so many more. It filled the wide gap of romance comics that isn’t currently being filled by any major publisher. Not to mention it’s openness and championing of LGBTQ+ stories.

When it comes to what that means for what’s still waiting to be published, Asselin wrote:

Rosy Press is going to be shuttered indefinitely, with further conversations to be had with individual creative teams about what this means for their stories. I’ll do my best to make sure those stories all see the light of day, because I strongly believe in the creators I’ve worked with and I strongly believe in the work they’ve done. This is a personal decision, absolutely, but it’s also a financial one. The truth is that it’s become impossible to move forward with Rosy Press financially with digital sales where they are. I could do another Kickstarter to try to sustain a few more months at least, but my health couldn’t withstand the stress of that on top of trying to pay my personal bills with a full-time job. The print edition did great, and Oni will continue to offer it. 

She is still working on delivering Kickstarter awards a process so many describe as draining.

It’s an absolute loss as the company had been nominated for numerous awards in the short time it has existed. I know I’m bummed about it and wish Asselin the best in her next endeavours.