Review : Kim & Kim #3

kim-and-kim-3-coverThe wait for the latest installment of Kim & Kim was well worth it. Just when you thought Kim & Kim had reached maximum capacity on the story and action front the creator, Magdalene Visaggio, cranks this intergalactic bounty hunter story up to eleven.

Issue number three builds on the promise of the previous two issues. We are treated with a journey to yet another exotic and dangerous local as our transgender anti-heroes attempt to get Tom home back to his home planet and away from El Scorchos reach.

This time around our girls take a voyage to the Lost Planet and get stranded in Never-Look-Back when The Contessa gets shot down by Robot Gorillas. We get some back story on Kim’s aunt Djune and meet her old partner and rebel pilot Mina. Lucky for Kim & Kim she’s been hiding out on the same planet that they find themselves stranded on because The Contessa needs some TLC and a really good mechanic .

kim-and-kim-3-2The rescue mission goes awry and there’s a gap in the girls memory after they get The Contessa back in working order. We get to meet some of the Kim’s friends and in a late night drink & nosh hang out, we get to see Squad Goals redefined. I hope that we get to see these four ladies take on some baddies in a future issue. There’s a lot that goes unsaid in this issue and we don’t really find out what happened to Tom or Mina after he made a run for the magic book in an attempt to get himself home. What we do know is that nothing is ever that simple in the Kim’s world and this issue ends with a Robot Gorilla showing up at Kim’s front door.

As usual Magdalene’s writing and story telling skills are on point and the ending has me sitting on my hands freaking out in the best possible way, waiting for the next installment. Magdalene creates a killer world with a nice arc, real life situations and a strong sense of self and some really relatable transgender characters.

Eva Cabrera’s artwork is clean, easy to understand, inviting and semi realistic. It adds all the necessary components to Magdalene’s great story.

Overall Kim & Kim‘s third issue is an exciting and interesting page turner that gives the readers what they want. I loved every page and panel of the story and found myself engaged even when the Kim’s were doing nothing more than hanging out. There was a lot of back story packed into this issue and it seems the creative team is giving us all the tools needed to follow along without pandering or dumbing down the story line and plot points.

Story: Magdalene Visaggio Art: Eva Cabrera
Story: 9.5 Art: 9 Overall: 9.7 Recommendation: Buy

Black Mask provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review