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Review: Bloodshot Reborn #17

bsrb_017_cover-b_guiceTrapped in a remote jungle paradise with no hope of escape, Bloodshot has discovered the secret behind the merciless technological monstrosity called Deathmate – and the truth has thrown his entire world into a tailspin of tragedy! But what revelations behind Project Rising Spirit’s horrific creation could bring even Bloodshot to his knees…and forever shatter the spirit of the man known as Ray Garrison?

As has been the case with the last few chapters of Bloodshot Reborn, the end of one story means the set up for the next. This has meant that there hasn’t actually been a solid conclusion to the last couple of story arcs since issue nine’s finale to The Hunt, and is the same here as the final chapter of Bloodshot Island leads into the next big thing; the past eight  issues have been a non-stop thrill ride across two story arcs, each with it’s own distinct flavour.

Bloodshot Island‘s finale is a very strong one; the art is some of the most visually arresting art that you’ll see across any comic book pages. Mico Suayan and David Baron are an incredibly talented artist/colourist team, and they’ve given us a comic that you could easily frame each and every page (that is if you’re the kind of monster who tears up comics. Are you? Are you a monster?).

Jeff Lemire seems to be writing mot of my favourite comics these days, but it’s his work on Bloodshot Reborn that’s been consistently top of my must-read pile. This issue has an almost horror-esque feel to the inevitability of Ray Garrion’s fate at the hands of the main threat this arc, Deathmate, and the conclusion is as satisfying as we’re likely to get with the set up for what I assume to be  either the next story arc or  certain four issue miniseries featuring our favourite white skinned killer (I may be wrong in that assumption because I don’t read solicitations so I have no idea what that miniseries is going to  be about).

Bloodshot Reborn #17 is, so far at least, the best comic I’ve read this week (and I’m about 80% through my stack), which, honestly doesn’t surprise me. However, if you’re new to the series, this isn’t the place to start – either wait for the trade containing The Analogue Man and start there or look for Bloodshot Reborn #1, otherwise you’ll be a little lost.

Story: Jeff Lemire Art: Mico Suayan Color: David Baron
Story: 8.9 Art: 10 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy

Valiant provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review.

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