Review: The Revisionist #4

the-revisionist-4-coverReeling from the events of last issue, Martin finds himself stranded in the past with no direction. When a dangerous new foe makes his presence known, Martin will be forced to protect the very targets he swore to destroy! Can Martin stop this new opponent before reality unravels?

Trippy time-traveling science fiction fun. That’s the bet way to describe The Revisionist, but especially this fourth issue. Written by Frank Barbiere, we’re starting to get into those things that make time travel stories so entertaining, the mind trip of it all. What happens as the timeline changes? Will more people get sent back to fix things or change things? That’s the type of stuff that begins to be teased here.

Bouncing between time, it’s not clear exactly what’s going on in each timeline, but it’s just a small piece of the larger time twist. That’s part of the fun of the series, is seeing those pieces come together and play out. The first three issues were just the build up that got us here. Now feels like the real story is beginning. This is the issue we get the first hints as far as the “rules” of time travel in this world. We also get a nemesis for Martin as he forges his own path. While this feels like the true beginning, you’ll still want to read the previous three issues to catch everything.

Garry Brown‘s art is solid and has a raw and dirtiness about it that feels like it fits the time periods various things are taking place in. The tech that exists has a clean style about it compared to the pasts which is a bit rougher in many ways. There’s also some solid action scenes too where a sense of motion really comes into play. It’s a great combo of story and art.

The Revisionist has been fun, really fun. I’m a fan of 80s action films and time travel stories and this comic feels like a combination of the two. The series has been getting better and better as more is added to this world and with this issue it feels like things are really taking off.

Story: Frank Barbiere Art: Garry Brown
Story: 8.15 Art: 8.15 Overall: 8.15 Recommendation: Read

Graphic Policy was provided with a FREE copy for review

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