Review: Aquaman #7

aqm_cv7_dsThe investigation into the Atlantean attack on American forces kicks off a mystery as the criminal collective N.E.M.O. unleashes a new and terrible weapon that threatens the existence of Atlantis itself.

With the first arc over, writer Dan Abnett throws us into the ramifications as Aquaman must figure out what to do next now that he’s an enemy of the United States and the Justice League isn’t happy with him.

Aquaman #7 is a jumping on point for readers for the most part as it lays out not just what issues Arthur faces in his role, but also who the actual enemy is. It’s a direct continuation of the first six issues and we can feel the pressure he has to feel in his role as superhero, but also as the leader of this nation and people.

And that’s what Abnett really emphasizes here. He has a lot of responsibilities and has to approve the direction for his nation by meeting with advisors and hearing them out. There’s also going about figuring out who has framed his people. And finally he has a wedding that needs to take place with Mera. Finally, there’s Aquaman’s role within the Justice League itself. Adnett does an excellent job of showing how many different hats he wears and how much pressure he has to deal with.

Abnett also just lays things out there. We now definitively know who is behind setting up Atlantis (though it was pretty obvious as to who it was). The question is how long it’ll be before Arthur figures it out. Abnett has him playing detective and isn’t making it easy for him.

Scot Eaton provides the art and it’s pretty descent. There’s some drop of details here and there but it’s generally ok. The art for the series as a whole has been inconsistent and that’s been its biggest issue overall. Eaton is in the middle of those who’ve provided art so far. It’s not bad, it just doesn’t stand out.

Things are interesting here. Abnett continues to really emphasize the crown that Aquaman wears which is a great thing to focus on. It makes the character stand out from the rest of the superheroes out there, it’s one of his defining characteristics. A solid series when it comes to the writing.

Story: Dan Abnett Art: Scot Eaton
Story: 7.5 Art: 7 Overall: 7.35 Recommendation: Read

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review