Preview: Squalor


Story: Stefan Petrucha
Art: Tom Sutton
Color: Paul Mounts
Cover: Jeffrey K. Potter
Release Date: Early November
Pages: 120 pages, full color
Price: $19.99
Diamond Previews, order #SEP161507

Coming in November, Caliber Comics will be releasing the first collection of the cult classic favorite comic, Squalor originally seen from First Comics.

Squalor tells the tale of Harry Keller, a genius with a double doctorate working as a library clerk who discovers A-Time.  In A-Time, the past, present and future merge together into a new existence.  Not another dimension or a parallel world but our own neighborhood bereft of linear time. Harry’s shattered consciousness leads him into a new perception of time, one that isn’t merely a reflection of our world but one that every action he takes has an effect.

Like explorers such as Christopher Columbus before him, Harry learns that his discovered new world can be a dangerous place.  And like Columbus, Harry Keller thinks he’s the first, but he is wrong.

The Bram Stoker nominated Petrucha, who would later become recognized in the comic world for his X-Files series and Nancy Drew graphic novels, is also known for his novels from Penguin, Harper-Collins, and Deadpool from Marvel Comics. The late Tom Sutton was best known for his art on Marvel’s Planet of the Apes as well as their supernatural characters and at Warren Magazine as one of the first artists on Vampirella.  He recently has had some of his work released in the collection Tom Sutton’s Creepy Things.