Marvel Writer CM Punk falls to a Rear Naked Choke

cm_punk_ufc_203At about fifteen minutes after 11pm ET Phil Brooks, better known as CM Punk, made his way to the octagon in UFC 203 for his mixed martial arts debut. Smiling, high-fiving fans, it was clear Punk was soaking in the experience and loving every minute of it, no matter the result to come.

Why are we covering this?

CM Punk, when he’s not training for his MMA fight, is also a writer for Marvel, currently writing Drax, as well as having written for Vertigo.

Quickly the match went sour for Punk as the two rushed to the center of the ring, Punk swung high which saw opponent Mickey Gall shoot low taking Punk down.

Gall controlled the fight as Punk showed his inexperience as Gall grappled with Punk on the grown eventually showing off his Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu skills and moving to Punk’s pack.

Punk showed heart though, fighting out of a choke, but eventually fell to a rear naked choke and tapped out at 2:14 in the first round.

Punk showed his sportsmanship congratulating Gall and living his dream out in front of millions.

Gall moves to 3-0, 2-0 inside the octagon. Punk’s future is unknown. CM Punk’s record is 0-1.

Check out Punk’s entrance into the arena.