Review: Cyborg: Rebirth #1

cybreb_cv1_dsVictor Stone was once a star athlete and brilliant student with a bright future. But after a tragic accident destroyed over half of his body, Victor was kept alive by merging flesh with advanced technology. Today he is the Justice League co-founder called Cyborg. But is the young hero a man…or a machine that merely believes it’s a man?

Don’t know who Vic Stone is? Cyborg: Rebirth #1 by writer John Semper, Jr., is a decent 101 to catch new readers up on who this character is and his origin. It’s pretty standard stuff and I don’t believe it varies a lot from what we’ve seen, but the emphasis is clearly on the question if this really is Vic in Cyborg or is it a program mimicking him? This seems to be at least the early focus for Semper and the issue builds toward this question and quandary.

In that way the issue allows Semper to put his mark on the character focusing on the technology aspect and whether Cyborg is human or a program mimicking a human?

The art by Paul Pelletier is really good keeping up the look from the pervious volume with help from inks from Tony Kordos and Sandra Hope. What really stands out as far as the art is the the perspective the comic takes in that it has us seeing things at times from Cyborg’s perspective to emphasize the big question of the issue.

The issue ends with clearly the villain that Vic will be up against. I have no idea who that is personally, but the design is cool. The issue as a whole is an interesting one, moving away from a focus on a superhero with a disability to a superhero who may not be human. It’s a switch, but the tone of the comic feels similar to the previous volume. Overall, interesting stuff.

Story: John Semper, Jr. Art: Paul Pelletier Ink: Tony Kordos, Sandra Hope
Story: 7 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7 Recommendation: Read