Titan Comics Reveals Norman: The First Slash!

Titan Comics has revealed Norman: The First Slash #1 – a newly released series written and illustrated by visionary creator Stan Silas.

Norman: The First Slash reveals the origin of the kid killer and unveils even more of his dark secrets.

The series is newly released for the US singles format with some amazing covers from top industry talents like Marc Ellerby (Doctor Who), JAKe (How to Speak Wookiee), Rachael Smith (House Party, Doctor Who), Sonia Leong (I, Hero) and Amoona Saohin.

The razor-sharp tale of Norman’s origins! A member of the class has disappeared, and Norman is to blame! This bloodthirsty kid’s penchant for killing knows no bounds! With his classmates also out for blood, maybe he should just rid himself of them all, one by one…

Check out all of the covers below.