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Chapterhouse Comics Launches a Canadian Superhero World

Captain.Canuck 1 coverAt Fan Expo this past weekend, Chapterhouse Comics announced they were launching the “Chapterverse,” a comic superhero universe featuring Canadian superheroes. Already the company has three series, Captain Canuck, The Pitiful Human Lizard, and Northguard, but will be launching a new series featuring the character Freelance, a modern take on one of Canada’s oldest original heroes, with Jim Zub and Andrew Wheeler co-writing, and art by Vaneda Vireak.

Zub has described their take on Freelance as a globe-trotting adventurer, kicking butt and exploring mysteries hidden from the world.

Also joining the world is Fantomah, a character in the public domain is credited as the first female comic character with superpowers.

There’ll also be a series called Agents of Pact about an all-woman super team featuring Red Coat and Kébec.We’ll see the new universe bloom in 2017.

We’ll see the new universe bloom in 2017.