Review: Aquaman #5

AQM_Cv5_dsUnjustly branded a murderer and a fugitive, Aquaman’s forced to defend himself against the might of America’s military. Meanwhile, Black Manta and the deadly underwater crime cabal known as N.E.M.O. advance their plan for revenge on Aquaman.

Ok, there’s a lot I like about writer Dan Abnett‘s spin on Aquaman. Aquaman #5, and the last issue, do have some issues, but I’m probably nitpicking as a politico.

What Abnett has going on is an upping on tension between the United States and Atlantis as Aquaman has been arrested for a crime committed by possible Atlantians. This issue has Arthur on the run with Mera and the US military in pursuit and on the attack (and to be fair, Arthur and Mera are fighting back).

And how things have spun out of control has me scratching my head and going back and forth about this issue. It’s entertaining, don’t get me wrong, but the details kill me. The US has arrested a head of state and is now trying to kill one. The actions from those in charge, the President’s Chief of Staff which is an odd choice, just feels really out of place since this is outright war no matter how you spin it and other nation states would be flipping their lids as well.

Where’s the President through all of this!? Shouldn’t he be making a decision based on recommendations from his Joint Chiefs? My gut says that the Chief of Staff will wind up being part of N.E.M.O., but that’s just a guess.

The art by Philippe Briones is ok, though there are a few panels that had me cringing. One in particular panel in particular really emphasizes Briones’ issue with faces as Aquaman looks like a bad toy. Abnett’s writing has been entertaining, but the art so far has been hit and miss and hopefully at some point gets consistent.

Maybe I’m being nitpicky about the specific details which takes me out of the comic, but overall the issue is entertaining and Abnett has ramped up the action well from the first issue. This is an interesting spin on Aquaman and I’m really interested in seeing where it goes from here. Hopefully the art issue gets stabilized before it drives people away.

Story: Dan Abnett Art: Philippe Briones Color: Gabe Eltaeb
Story: 7.5 Art: 6.8 Overall: 7.35 Recommendation: Read

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review