Titan Comics Reveals The Chimera Brigade #1

Titan has revealed The Chimera Brigade #1 – a new comic series written by celebrated author Serge Lehmen and co-writer Fabrice Colin. With phenomenal art by Gess, this series is a thrilling alt-reality adventure like no other. The comic hits stores October 12th.

This first issue features stunning variant covers from the industry’s top talent including; John McCrea, Nick Percival, and Max Bertolini.

Is the time for morality lessons truly over? The year is 1938, and a new generation of super-humans, born as a side effect of secret chemical weapons, have taken control of the capital cities of Europe… The Age of Super-science has arrived.

Beliefs can be as powerful as super-science – and just as deadly!

A stunning period cross between The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Planetary and B.P.R.D.