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451 Media Teams Up with The Raveonettes for a NVRLND Music Video

Just in time for the launch of NVRLND #1, 451 Media Group has launched a music video to help promote the comic. Directed by Dylan Mulick, who together with Stephanie Salyers created and wrote the series, features a host of rising social media stars and a new original song from veteran indie rock band The Raveonettes, written specifically for NVRLND.

NVRLND is a reimagining of the Peter Pan myth set in modern Hollywood. In this telling, Peter Pan is the lead singer of rock band The Lost Boys, who play at a secret underground club called NVRLND. Wendy Darling, the new girl in school, naturally falls for the brooding, bad boy. But in this heightened reality, kids are falling victim to a club drug called “pixie dust” being pedaled by tattooed, biker nemesis James Hook, which makes them feel like they can fly.

Adding to the video’s authenticity, NVRLND was filmed at The Smell, a notorious punk rock club in LA that has been set for demolition some time after the filming of the video.