TV Review: Preacher S1E9 Finish the Song

Preacher-PosterJesse is on the run, while those around him face life-altering decisions. Meanwhile, the Cowboy returns to Ratwater to exact his revenge.

Preacher stumbles in some ways with what might be the weakest of the episodes as it focuses heavily on the Cowboy, but waiting until the end of the episode to give an idea of who he is and why we should care.

The Cowboy’s story is one of destruction and revenge as he shoots his way across the land killing anyone that stands in his way. We find out who he is at the end and why we should care, but its taken so long to get here it’s rather frustrating its taken so long.

It’s a long winding way to get to a point in the comics that was much quicker and much straightforward. And that’s part of the frustration of this series is it decompresses a lot of the first comic arc and drags thing out. Instead of quick paced storytelling, it’s a much longer narrative. Some will like this approach more, and in some ways it works, but other times it fails. And that’s a big thing of the series, some of it works better than the comic and some of the comic works better than the television series.

There’s some shocking moments in the episode though, and it continues to be entertaining in so many ways, but just when you think you’re getting some sort of cathartic showdown, things slow down and get stretched out.

There’s just one more episode left and hopefully it pays off in some way with some sort of conclusion… to something.

Overall Rating: 7.6

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