TV Review: Preacher S1E8 El Valero

Preacher-PosterIn a fierce gun battle, Jesse faces off against Quincannon and the Meat Men to protect his church. Meanwhile, Tulip tries to save a friend.

Preacher is fascinating in this episode which creates more direct conflict for Jesse. It’s clear those behind the series weren’t sure if there’d be a second season so have gone this route. It has a similar feel to the first season of The Walking Dead in that way.

Odin feels he won the bet with Jesse so most of the episode focuses on him and his men attempting to take the church which members of the town watch on. It’s surreal and bizarre in so many ways and feels so appropriate for the show too.

But a big question is where Tulip and Cassidy is throughout it all?

That’s answered in the final moments of the show and it’s so simple as to what’s up with that.

The entire episode is an interesting one as it focuses on Jesse coming to grips with what’s inside him and what he should do with it. It’s a big question right? He has the voice of God, but will he do anything important as he hasn’t up to this point. He’s wasted it in many ways. There’s also an interesting nod about God not being all powerful as well.

The episode is a really fascinating one as it sets the series along and what can easily be seen as a pivot point in the series. And through all of its existential questions, it continues with the over the top humor and surreal moments. It’s a solid episode that’ll have you contemplating it and the series so far, and that’s pretty impressive.

While the episode is a weird twist, it has me even more excited for next week.

Overall Rating: 7.8

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