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Lion Forge Hints at Shaking Comics Up with Diverse Talent

In the lead up to San Diego Comic-Con Lion Forge announced a killer line-up of new staff joining the company including Rich Johnson, Syndee Barwick, Mark Smylie, Joe Illidge, and Devin Funches.

All of those hired are talented and have impacted comics and entertainment paving paths, and leaving marks in their own ways.

The most interesting hire to me was that of Illidge who is vocal about the need for more diverse talent in comics and better handling of diversity in general in the entertainment. Illidge has been a guest contributor on this site and a guest on our radio show. He’s one of the folks that when they talk, I listen. And thus, I’ve been watching his various social networks for hints as to what Lion Forge might be up to. And it looks like they’re about to really shake things up in comics.

Illidge first set off my Spider-Senses with this Tweet:

While some might shrug their shoulders that they have a new series. He then Tweeted:

There’s been quite a few Black Panther artists and I’m salivating at a lot of them working with Illidge. If that weren’t exciting enough, he then Tweets:

What I’m taking that as is it’s not just a WOMAN, but it’s a BLACK WOMAN writing a comic series from the publisher! And I’m hearing confirmation that’s the case, but not hearing who. Illidge and Lion Forge look to be stepping up and filling a gap too few publishers are willing to.

If they make the announcements as far as diverse creative teams at San Diego Comic-Con, it’s likely this publisher will steal the show and buzz coming out of the show when it comes to comics. That’ll be a hell of a coup.

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