Review: Action Comics #959

AC_Cv959_dsClark Kent gets caught in the crossfire as Doomsday crashes through the streets of Metropolis! As Lois struggles to keep young Jonathan out of the path of destruction, can former enemies Superman and Lex Luthor stop the monster that once destroyed the city and killed the Man of Steel—or does Luthor have other plans?

It’s Superman and Super-Lex battling Doomsday with Clark Kent in the way! What… what!? The battle rages on in the third issue of what comes to being an epic fight. Normally I get pretty board with that sort of story, but writer Dan Jurgens adds enough to keep me interested.

The types of things that Jurgens adds can be seen early on in Action Comics #959 as the initial focus isn’t the battle itself, it’s the reaction by Lois and their son Jonathan. The back and forth brings a human sense to it all and reminds us that Superman might be the Man of Steel, but he has a family that he has to worry about too. Plus, things didn’t exactly go well the first time he fought Doomsday. For all of the action and superheroics, there’s still a family at the center of it all.

AC_959_2Jurgens also nails the mystery. There’s some small moments involving Lex and his armor that’ll get you to ponder what’s up. And then there’ Clark Kent himself. Who is he? What’s the deal. It’s clear to me that this is likely the way that Superman will be able to regain his former alter-ego, but we’ll see if I’m right about that one in the future.

Jurgens is helped b the art of Tyler Kirkham which is just fantastic. I’m loving this combo of writer and artist and Kirkham is able to deliver action moments and quiet moments that are both engaging. I think what’s most interesting is that he holds back filling the comic with two-page spreads instead going with pages packed with panels. It’s an interesting choice, but that decision helps add to the claustrophobic battlefield on which Superman and Doomsday are battling.

“Action” might be in the title, but Jurgens brings the heart to realizing that you need it to connect with its hero. Superman is back and he’s more exciting than he has been for a long time.

Story: Dan Jurgens Art: Tyler Kirkham
Story: 8.15 Art: 8.75 Overall: 8.25 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review