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TV Review: Preacher S1E7 He Gone

Preacher-PosterJesse’s actions alienate and endanger those closest to him, as a glimpse into his past reveals the root of all of his guilt.

Preacher‘s seventh episode really gives us an interesting look into Jesse and his compadres. Through the last couple of episodes, it’s clear that Jesse is becoming drunk with power as he thinks his actions are part of God’s plans and infallible. Jesse’s actual belief in God and a divine plan is on full display in this episode where he gets his most righteous and religious.

The episode is an interesting one as it bounces back and forth between the past and present to give us a clearer idea of Jesse’s past and what has pushed Jesse to be the person he is. We get a lot of his history, especially that with Tulip.

What really stands out though is what’s driving Jesse, which I won’t reveal here. We now know what has created guilt within him so much that he’s driven to be a Preacher and believe in God’s divine plan. We learn through it all that he is indeed a believer and that this isn’t some scam or grift.

This is a dialed back episode in so many ways mainly just focusing on four characters and by doing so adding so much to each and every one.

The direction is absolutely amazing. Camera angles and coloring of scenes can be discussed and dissected as hues are chosen for each character and how the scenes are framed add to the moment.

This is easily the best episode of the season as the series has grown more strong with each episode. This is an absolutely amazing episode about guilt, faith, and consequences.

Overall Rating: 9