Review: The Dark Knight III: The Master Race #5

Dark Knight III The Master Race #5 coverBatman and Robin prepare for war with the Master Race, and an ally returns from an unlikely place… Things are looking grim for Batman, Gotham, and the people of Earth. But, like so many Batman stories before, Batman has a plan.

The Dark Knight III: The Master Race #5 is an interesting comic in that it has some cool moments, but there’s an emotional connection that just isn’t present. It goes through the motion as it builds towards its final page, but for me the reader, it’s just not enough to get me to say “fuck yeah.”

That lack of connection has plagued this third part of Frank Miller‘s Dark Knight trilogy. It’s an improvement over the second chapter, but so far there hasn’t quite been enough new or different to get me really jazzed. This is just an average comic.

The writing is interesting and how the issue progresses is nicely paced, but that special something is just missing for me. Even in that final panel, the reveal is just there. Miller and writer Brian Azzarello are going through the motions but missing that spark.

The art by Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson continues to be some of the best aspects of this series. The two evoke a style that’s reminiscent of what came before. What little cool factor there is exists due to these two’s art and what they present on the page.

Not sure what else there really is to say. The comic isn’t bad, it’s just not as good as it should be. It lacks that something special that existed in the first volume and was clearly missing in the second. It’s very readable and in some aspects entertaining, but modern classic, this one isn’t.

Story: Brian Azzarello, Frank Miller Art: Klaus Janson, Andy Kubert
Story: 6.95 Art: 7.8 Overall: 7.1 Recommendation: Read