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Graphic Policy Radio has assembled a roundtable to talk the hit AMC television show based on the modern classic Vertigo comic series, Preacher. Joining hosts Elana and Brett are two guests, Sarah Rasher and Kalyn.

Based on the comic series by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, Preacher is an adaptation of the popular comic series that follows the small town preacher Jesse Custer with a mysterious past infused with the word of God. Joining him are Tulip, a friend of Jesse, who’s as tough as she is fast talking, and Cassidy an Irish vampire.

How does the show differ from the comic? We’ll discuss that and more.

Sarah Rasher forced all her friends to read Preacher in college and is looking forward to making them all watch the TV show now. She has a Ph.D. in Shakespeare but now devotes her days to proving that education works and her evenings to blogging about figure skating. She is @pas_dechat on Twitter.

Kalyn is a contributor to Graphic Policy and the site’s lawyer. She’s providing a Texan perspective on the show.