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Flashpoint Comes to The Flash Season 3

The end of the second season of The Flash saw some potentially world changing events as the series mimicked the comics for a finale that saw Barry saving his mother in the past from being killed by his nemesis Zoom. In DC Comics, this act changes the DC Universe time stream and results in a new DC Universe where Batman was actually Batman’s father, the Amazons were at war with Atlantis, a whole different world in a comic event called Flashpoint that eventually resulted in the changing of the entire DC comics universe into what was dubbed the “New 52.”

This finale begged the question, were we going to see a version of Flashpoint on the small screen? Looks like it!

The Flash star Grant Gustin revealed the title of the first episode on Twitter after being prompted by series producer Greg Berlanti. And the episode is titled “Flashpoint.”

Gustin promises just like all of the other stories the series has mimicked, this will be done in its own way.

Now, is this a way to bring in Supergirl even more into the DC Television Universe? Will we see changes in Arrow? We’ll find out in a few months.

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