TV Review: Preacher S1E3 The Possibilities

Preacher-PosterJesse explores his newfound power with Cassidy’s help. Meanwhile, armed with new information, Tulip tries to convince Jesse to set out for revenge.

Preacher the television show is definitely blazing its own path as the series really diverges from the Vertigo comic series by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon it’s based on.

The third episode continues to feel like the producers of the show have stretched out the first story arc and jumbled things up, taking what was a Tarantino inspired comic, and making it much more mainstream in how it presents its narrative.

But, this is a different beast, and it’s getting so much better. The story has been slow to start, but this episode is where things really begin to take off as Jesse explores his powers. It’s still not all completely clear to folks everything, but it’s getting much more laid out. Also being emphasized more earlier is Tulip and Jesse’s history. Tulip especially is a much changed character and improved in many ways.

But, what’s really a draw is the actors. Dominic Cooper as Jesse, Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy, and Ruth Negga as Tulip, have all breathed a lot of excitement into character whose previous life was really dependent on the reader. Each though is nailing their parts, especially Negga who has changed Tulip for the better. Her fast talking tough act is different and a step away from the comic version that felt more like a flat angry woman revenge character.

The show is growing on me as it moves along and it’ll be interesting to see what aspects they bring in for the first season, but so far, so good.

Overall Rating: 7.65

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