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More Shake Ups with Wizard World?

wizard worldLooks like there are more changes and shake ups at Wizard World. In April it was announced that John D. Maata would be taking over as President and CEO for the company in May. Now, it looks like there are more changes going on.

The change in leadership came after the company reported a $4.3 million loss in 2015.

Wizard World is one of the numerous affiliate programs we’ve signed up for (though not often used). Last night we received the following email:

Wizard World Comic Con (MID: 6508) has to pause its affiliate program for the time being due to the merchant’s change in management.

Please pause your campaigns until further notice. Thank you for your efforts in promoting this merchant.

We apologize for the lack of notice regarding this down time, but this is only ever done in extenuating circumstances. Please be on the look out for updates on the program’s re-launch.

In August of 2015 a similar email went out. That turned out to be just a change in the management system for the program. This is different though.

Notice it says “due to the merchant’s change in management.” That’s pretty charged wording.

We’ve reached out to our contacts to find out more details and have confirmed the COO is also changing for the company as well as “some other changes.”

Sounds like things are settled with Wizard World, and we’ll be keeping abreast of the situation.

General DC