Is Wizard World About to Get New Owners? (Updated)

wizard worldIs Wizard World Comic Con about to get new owners? Arriving in our inbox not long ago was a message concerning the convention/geek box/content provider to pause any affiliate links we might have linking to the company.

Affiliate links are one way to monetize links/products promoted (and we do disclose it when a post contains them).

The email cites “transferring ownership” as the reason to pause the campaign. Here’s the full email:

Wizard World Comic Con (MID: 5972) has to pause its affiliate program for the time being due to the merchant transferring ownership.

Please stop your campaigns until further notice. We will be providing new links within the next few days to begin promoting the merchant again.

Thank you for your efforts in promoting this merchant. We apologize for the lack of notice regarding this down time, but this is only ever done in extenuating circumstances.

Please be on the look out for updates on the program’s re-launch.

Wizard World Inc. is a publicly traded company and during their first quarter filing for 2015 announced while they had convention revenue of $6,101,429 they had a loss of $981,941 for the quarter and working capital of $2,496,995

We’ve asked Wizard World Inc. for clarification and a statement.

Updated: We’ve heard from Wizard World, and the only change being made is with the management of the affiliate program. Nothing to see here. Move along.