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Review: Titans: Rebirth #1

TNSREB_Cv1_dsFriends. Teammates. Titans. Donna Troy, Arsenal, Garth, Lilith and Nightwing were all that and more until a mysterious force erased their memories, forcing them to forget what they could accomplish together. Reunited with their memories returned, the Titans must destroy the interdimensional demon that broke them apart and threatens reality itself.

You might as well have called this DC Universe: Rebirth Part 3. Written by Dan Abnett the comic is focused on Wally West’s return and his attempting to connect again with his friends in the Titans. The issue is full of schmaltz with the character playing “this is your life” as he connects with each friend in an attempt to get the band back together.

If you’re a fan of these characters and time together, I’m sure this issue will resonate much more with you than it did with me. I didn’t read past Titans or Teen Titans comics, so much was missed and the whole caring about the reunion doesn’t quite hold a lot for me.

Interestingly, the issue is an extension of Titans Hunt as well as Justice League #51 which is out this week. You don’t have to read either, but it could help. There’s an issue for me as to why all of these characters are together in an apartment, but maybe that’s explained in Titans Hunt.

The art by Brett Booth is interesting, but something feels really off to me. The characters are all thin and look stretched out. The main cover is fantastic looking, but the interior feels like the cover, but someone messed up the resizing of images so the proportions aren’t right and everyone is thinner.

The issue feels like it’s going to be vital, which is why it’s a “read,” but unless you’re a big Titans fan you’ll likely miss the emotional punch this issue is supposed to have.

Story: Dan Abnett Art: Brett Booth
Story: 7 Art: 6.8 Overall: 7 Recommendation: Read

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review