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TV Review: Powers S2EE5 Shaking the Tree

Powers Season 2In the aftermath of a catastrophic political scandal, Walker (Sharlto Copley) and Pilgrim (Susan Heyward) investigate a high-priority suspect and uncover shocking government connections. Meanwhile Triphammer (Andrew Sensenig) is determined to create a new Powers team, recruiting Zora (Logan Browning) and a new protégé, Sgt. Tiberio Martinez (Raul Casso).

Powers has a good episode (seems every few are good doesn’t it) with a quieter more focused episode that gives us a few plotlines in smaller doses. Most of the episode is dedicated to Walker and Pilgrim’s investigation into the murder of Power Girl and their zeroing in on the likely culprit Heavy. This spirals into a vast conspiracy of government sponsored Powers and the attempt to rehabilitate and control some of them.

There’s also Triphammer’s attempt to build a new team which devolves mostly into scenes of Zora and Martinez sparring with each other. This actually looks good and it’s clearly where the budget was focused because….

The final plot thread is focused on Calista who is being lured into being represented be an agency and her dealing with Conrad Moody played by Wil Wheaton. While the Zora/Martinez fights are good, this section, especially a laughably bad use of a 3D hologram at the end, is the opposite. With bad acting and equally bad special fx, you get the vibe folks weren’t quite sure how to progress with things in this plot aspect.

As usual the episode is mixed, but in this case the majority is really good. By focusing on Walker and Pilgrim’s investigation we get some of the best acting from Copley and Heyward in the entire series. The progression and reaction by some of their shaking things up feels natural and really well paced. For a show based on folks with super powers, it’s this grounded episode that feels like the best this season by far.

Enrico Colantoni as Senator Bailey Brown really is the highlight of the episode giving the best performance of them all when he eventually turns up and sort of spills the beans.

This is easily the best episode this season. It feels like an actual detective show with some solid corruption aspects that pulls it all together. It’s clear there’s a lot of shenanigans to go and that the killer of Retro Girl is still to be revealed, but if the series kept its focus like this, it shows it’d be much stronger for it.

Overall Score: 7.2