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Samurai Returns in September from Titan Comics

From writer Jean-François Di Giorgio and artist Frédéric Genêt Samurai returns this September with a new series, Samurai: Brothers in Arm!

This is a brand-new mini-series full to the brim with warfare and adventure – set in Feudal Japan! Samurai: Brothers in Arma #1 is a blistering adventure for fans of Shogun Assassin and Kill Bill – including variant covers by industry legend David Mack. Covers are also from John McCrea, Jung Shan, and Steve Kurth.

Having bested the legendary Shobei in a duel, Takeo has finally left the Isle with no Name, accompanied by his brother Akio. The excitement of their voyage from the Island awakens Akio from his mute state, and Takeo is finally ready to discover the answers to the questions that have driven him so far…

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