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Titan Comics Announces Multiple Sell-Outs and New Printings

Titan Comics has announced multiple sell-outs and printings this past week.

Dark Souls #1 has sold out again. The comic has gone through its second printing and will return for a third printing. The comic will feature a new cover by series artist Alan Quah. Written by George Mann, the comic will return to shelves in June 29.

DarkSouls 1 3rd Reprint

Dark Souls #2 is getting a second printing. Written by George Mann with art by Alan Quah the comic will return June 22. With her past becoming hazier by the day, Fira’s quest to bring an end to the Undead Curse leads her deep into the gnarled heart of the Weeping Forest, domain of the fearful Everlord, where rotting nightmare creatures skulk in the darkness.

Dark Souls #2 Reprint coverVikings #1 has sold out and is getting a new printing. Written by Cavan Scott with art by Staz Johnson, the comic will return to shelves in June 22. Ragner, Lagertha and their legendary kin sail once more for England and run straight into a shield wall of politics, intrigue, betrayal and, of course, axe-wielding, blood-spraying, sword-swinging combat!

Vikings #1 Reprint cover

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