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TV Review: Powers S2E3 Hell Night

Powers Season 2Commander Cross (Adam Godley) unofficially reopens the Retro Girl case, ordering Pilgrim (Susan Heyward) and Walker (Sharlto Copley) to lead a covert investigation that may put them in a life-threating situation. Meanwhile, Los Angeles goes in lockdown mode as gang warfare reaches a fever pitch, pulling the revered Power, SuperShock (Michael Madsen) out of retirement.

Powers has things melting down (storywise and show wise) as gangs begin to riot and battle in the streets of Los Angeles. Much like Police Academy, why these gangs and riots all exist on one street and none of the side streets is a mystery. The riot scenes are woefully bad with stereotypical shots that we’ve seen a million times over.

Things aren’t just eye rolling in the streets, but also behind the scenes as Walker gets a team together to figure out who killed Retro Girl. This includes torturing a person to the point his head explodes. Scanners moment aside, the fact the cops have to turn to torture to get anything done is groan inducing.

And that head explosion. There’s been some bad special fx on this show, but this one is beyond bad. I can harp on the bad makeup, but this is laughably bad and feels like it’s been outshined in every way from what we see on SyFys Face Off. Add in the New Retro Girl’s bad green screen flight, a building collapse where I’ve seen model train sets that are more realistic, and it’s just bad in this department, like people don’t know how to budget on the show.

Again, there’s some good, but this episode has a lot of bad, falling into old habits that will hopefully die fast.

Overall Score: 6.95