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TV Review: Powers S2E2 Funeral of the Century

Powers Season 2On the day of Retro Girl’s funeral, Detectives Walker (Sharlto Copley) and Pilgrim (Susan Heyward) prepare to combat violence between rival gangs The Quantums and The Hacks. Hoping to fill her place, Calista (Olesya Rulin) makes her public debut as New Retro Girl. Still reeling from Retro Girl’s death, and with her murder officially closed, Walker doggedly pursues a suspect he believes to be the real murderer.oks to avenge the woman he loved.

Powers continues its improved streak to two episodes as the funeral for Retro Girl takes place and tensions rise all around. It’s a very slow build, but the episode again has some strengths and weaknesses.

The episode does a decent job of continuing to build this world and the new season, though the fake outs of who killed Retro Girl feel obvious and a bit forced in ways. Depicting things as not rosy and there being an impact with the death of a hero feels much more realistic that just having an entire city mourn. There’s a power vacuum and this episode attempts to address that.

The bad as usual is the acting which just feels flat throughout with few showing a range of emotions. Everyone is just dour and angry and I’m a bit surprised the whole world isn’t steeped in grays and browns to match the mood.

The special fx again are mixed with flight being the major issue of the show. Supergirl has shown how to do it right, but this show just falls back on horrible green screen that looks like something I could create on my computer.

The episode again is an improvement on last year, but that’s not saying a whole lot consider last year was a garbage fire. But, that doesn’t mean it’s good. The show is watchable, and fills a void in the summer of comic based television shows, but considering the source material, so much more can be done and so much more could be done that’s interesting.

We’ll see where the season goes but judging off of these first two episodes it’s just very middling television.

Overall Score: 7.0

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