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Captain America: Civil War Comes in First. Falls Short of $200 Million Projections.

Captain America Civil WarCaptain America: Civil War came in first place this past weekend, bringing in an estimated $181.79 million (some studios claim it brought in $186 million) at the domestic box office. The film did very well scoring the fifth largest opening of all-time and the third largest for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Captain America franchise is a successful one when it comes to openings as this represents a 91.3% increase over the opening for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

It’s not shocking the massive haul over the weekend, but some projections and estimates had the film opening with over $200 million in its first three days. It’d have been the fourth film to do so. Now, should this falling short be considered a failure? Only if you claimed a superhero film from a rival publishing company fell short and failed. Not doing so would be a bit hypocritical after all.

The film scored an “A” Cinemascore and currently 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, which should bode well for its earnings for some time, but on May 20 X-Men: Apocalypse opens, so the film may run into some stiff competition in just a few weeks that’ll potentially take a lot of wind out of its sails.

The film opened last week internationally and so far has earned $496.6 million in those markets, giving it a worldwide total of $678.4 million. That international total is already more than Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Iron Man 2, Ant-Man, Thor: The Dark World, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

A big question will be if this film will be more like the two previous Avengers films which averaged $1.462 billion or more like previous Captain America films. The Winter Soldier earned $714.4 million (a number Civil War will likely top this week), and Captain America: The First Avenger earned $370.6 million. Most likely the film will be somewhere in between the two franchises. But, since the film is more like Avengers 2.5, if it doesn’t cross $1 billion should it be considered a failure? The film also has a budget more like an Avengers film with a reported $250 million. That one will be determined by talking heads repeating corporate talking points most likely.

There are other “comic adaptations” still in the theater…

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice rounded out the top ten after seven weeks. The film added an estimated $1 million to its total to bring its domestic total to $327.3 million and its worldwide total to $865.5 million. It currently sits in second for the year as far as worldwide grosses.

Even though it’s available for digital download and the blu-ray/dvd releases this week, Deadpool added an estimated $230,000 to its domestic total to bring it to $362.2 million. The film has earned $762 million worldwide and was passed by The Jungle Book this week in worldwide totals. It currently ranks fourth and Captain America: Civil War ranks fifth.

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