TV Review: Wynonna Earp S1E6 Constant Cravings

wynonnaearp1-075f2Wynonna is out to find and bring to justice one of the Revenants responsible for attacking the Homestead 15 years ago. Meanwhile, Waverly tries to unravel a mystery left behind by her Uncle Curtis.

Wynonna Earp continues to have some good mixed with a lot of bad. The episode actually shows a lot of improvement from everything that has preceded it as the story itself shows a lot of improvement and the acting gets a bit better as well.

The concept of cannibal Revenants is a cool one and at about the 45 minute mark the show actually shows off how good it could really be with scenes bouncing back and forth between two different situations. This is the best the show has been so far.

There’s something that actually clicks with the episode. The threat, how it’s directed, the acting is improved. All of it is much better and doesn’t feel like bargain bin material. I think part of the episode’s success is the fact that it forgoes the smart ass quips as it usually relies on them to show off how “cool” it is.

The episode goes beyond Wynonna’s story too expanding the mystery for some of the other characters and actually sets things up beyond Wynonna’s mission. Its taken six episodes but the series is showing a vast improvement.

Here’s hoping it can keep up the quality.

Overall Rating: 7.05