A Look Inside Comic Block’s April 2016 Box

Confession time: I had actually intended to cancel my subscription to Comic Block after last month because I figured this block was bound to live down to my expectations, but I kinda forgot to do go through the cancellation process. So was April’s Comic Block a success or a return to the disappointment of the earlier blocks?

Well, my forgetfulness with the cancellation turned out to be a pretty smart lack of activity on my end.

I’m sure if you’re reading this then you’ve got at least a passing familiarity with subscription boxes. If not, then in a nutshell, you pay a monthly fee and a company will ship you a box full of mystery goodies. When it comes to boxes from Nerd Block you’ve usually got a rough idea as to the contents of the box; a t-shirt is fairly common, as is some kind of Funko product, and with Comic Block, well it’s safe to expect a comic or three. This one fit the bill perfectly, although April’s Comic Block wasn’t as packed with stuff as March’s block, but monetarily the value was still there (just about), and on the plus side I really liked the contents this month as well.

What was inside, I’m sure you’re wondering?

  • the obligatory t-shirt
  • one of four Captain America: Civil War Funko Pop! figures
  • a Reverse Flash Reaction figure from Funko
  • Black Panther #1
  • Aliens: Defiance #1
  • and some fabric softener. I shit you not.

April Comic Block

First up, the t-shirt. Coming from Shirt Punch, where this type of shirt generally carries a $10 price tag. The fit and fabric is always good from Shirt Punch, and I’m a big fan of this design, honestly. If you’re not a Captain America fan, you may be less inclined to wear the shirt, but I much prefer it to almost any other shirt I’ve received before, and I’m not a hugr Cap fan.

The next item on the list is the Funko Pop! figure, which depending on where you get them (and what it is) can run from $10-15. There was one of four up for grabs here, ranging between Cap, Iron Man, Winter Soldier, and Black Panther, whom I received. Of the four options, I’m pleased with this as it was one of two I wanted anyway (Cap being the other). it’s a nice looking figure, too, but because I have no intention of opening it yet, the image blow is from Google (again).black panther funko

Sticking with Black Panther, we have the first issue of his latest series that has been getting some pretty divisive reviews. Divisive enough that I kept away from the $4.99 price tag upon launch, even though I was curious about the issue. At least now I can form my own opinion, eh?aliens defiance

Aliens: Defiance is a series that wasn’t on my radar at all, and while I’ve never been a big fan of the franchise, I’m not unhappy with the comic, and it is an exclusive cover to Comic Block to boot.

Finally, we come to the fabric softener. I have no idea why it’s included, and if it wasn’t already the kind we use I’d have likely been a bit miffed. Honestly, I’m mystified why it is included, and with there being no mention of it on the info card, so I suppose it’s a bonus item to use when you wash the shirt…

The bigger Comic Blocks are definitely more fun than the previous versions, and the higher price tag continues to live up to the hype. I’m thinking I’m going to stick around for another block or two – and if you want to sign up you can click any of the Comic Block links in this post and do so.

The March Comic Block was probably the best subscription box I’ve ever opened, but this month was also pretty cool. Definitely worth sticking with at the  moment. and with next month having what looks like an X-Men ’92 item, plus some Batman and Avengers Funko stuff, and three exclusives of some variety then we’re hopefully in for another treat.




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