TV Review: Wynonna Earp S1E5 Diggin Up Bones

wynonnaearp1-075f2Wynonna and Dolls organize a daring raid on the trailer park run by Purgatory’s lead Revenant; Henry comes face to face with an old friend and nemesis.

Wynonna Earp continues to have some good mixed with a whole lot of bad as Wynonna and Dolls first attempt to catch some Revenants, but all of that is jsut a way for the series to give us some of the bigger picture while also attempting to answer some questions like why Wynonna just doesn’t go in and just kill the Revenants they know about.

While the episode isn’t as good as last week, it’s not as much of a shitshow as the first one. I think some of the issue with the episode isn’t as much the acting, which is pretty bad, but the fact we don’t care about what’s supposed to be some of the more emotional impact that’s really the big thing of it. The show is trying to give us some interesting characters, but so far it’s not giving us too much of a reason too care, and mostly giving us irritating characters. The beats that are there just aren’t coming down right.

The acting is still bad with some of it being the worst yet. It’s bad, really bad. There’s a few characters I seriously wonder if they know how to emote at all. This is some D-movie bad level of acting.

The show feels like it’s relying on the wrong things, thinking that throwing in some quips will make us get behind its heroine… and that’s it really. There’s not much else there to really start cheering for these folks.

The show is so bad, most of the above is the previous episode’s review and it still applies. The show wants to be a kick-ass feminist “horror” series, but seems to fail everything in almost every single way it could.

Overall Rating: 5.2