Magnetic Press Earth Day Fundraiser for World Wildlife Fund

This Earth Day weekend, Magnetic Press and the creators of the Eisner Award nominated LOVE wildlife graphic novel series, Federico Bertolucci & Frédéric Brrémaud, are holding a three day long #LoveThePlanet fundraising sale and social media competition for the World Wildlife Federation.

From 12:01AM Friday morning to 11:59PM Sunday Night (4/22 – 4/24), Magnetic Press will donate 90% of all profits from the sales of Love: The Tiger, Love: The Fox, and Love: The Lion that are made through Magnetic Press’ webstore, where they will be offered for 30% off the regular cover price.

To help spread awareness, Magnetic Press is also holding a social media contest all weekend long. From Friday to Sunday, Magnetic Press will post special #LoveThePlanet drawings by Federico Bertolucci. Anyone who shares, retweets, or regrams any of the drawings using the #LoveThePlanet hashtag on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, will be automatically entered to win a set of 3 limited edition, signed and numbered LOVE prints and bookplate signed by Federico Bertolucci. One winner per social network will be chosen at random.

One lucky grand prize winner will be chosen to receive a set of all three books plus AN ORIGINAL SKETCH BY FEDERICO BERTOLUCCI HIMSELF!

Share as many (or all!) — each new image you share gets you another chance to win!

For more info, go to Magnetic Press’ Love The Earth webpage.



LOVE: THE LIONA young lion wanders the Serengeti in search of a pride to call his own. But being alone, he is watched with cautious eyes by those families he encounters along the way, including a coalition of rival males in search of their own pride to conquer.So the nomad searches patiently, waiting for the opportunity to claim his territory and find a new family. But loneliness can breed ferocity… LOVE: THE FOXIt’s not easy being one of the smaller predators in the woods, competing with an entire woodland population for scraps along the food chain. But when nature throws cataclysmic weather into the mix, it becomes a race for survival… and Love.This second volume in the celebrated LOVE series is another beautiful all-ages title that explores genuine natural behavior through the dramatic lens of Disney-esque storytelling, like a nature documentary in lavish, wordless illustration. LOVE: THE TIGERA lush paradise when viewed from a distance, providing camouflage to a daily Hell of trials and survival for those who live there. Portrayed as a day in the life of the king of the jungle, this lavishly illustrated story follows a single majestic tiger through a wordless adventure as it hunts prey and defends itself from other would-be killers defending their own territory. This exciting tale by Frédéric Brrémaud is told without narration or dialogue, conveyed entirely through the beautiful illustrations of Federico Bertolucci.

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