Go Beyond with Kindt & Hairsine for Divinity II #2 (of 4) – Coming in May!

This summer, the world as we know it will be rewritten when Valiant’s sold-out sci-fi epic expands outward with its next mind-expanding chapter!

Valiant has released a first look inside Divinity II #2 (of 4) – an all-new installment of 2016’s unbelievable cosmic odyssey from the critically acclaimed creative team of writer Matt Kindt, artist Trevor Hairsine, inker Ryan Winn, and colorist David Baron! On May 25th, the scales of international power undergo a seismic realignment as Myshka, the latest Soviet cosmonaut to return to Earth with god-like powers, sets out to transform Mother Russia into the world’s dominant economic and military power! As the security forces of every nation scramble to unearth the source of Russia’s rapid rise, their only hope may lie in the last uber-powerful being that they imprisoned – Abram Adams, Myshka’s former teammate and Earth’s first DIVINITY!

Just a month after the arrival of long-lost cosmonaut Myshka, the former Soviet Union has made an impossible push to become the world’s preeminent superpower. But how? Ninjak has a theory, but it will require going undercover across enemy lines…and maybe some help from Mishka’s old comrade, Abram Adams – the god-like being known as Divinity! But can the motives of a deity among men ever truly be known…and will the return of Divinity’s former teammate rekindle his old allegiances?

Featuring covers by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic, Tom Muller, Trevor Hairsine, Tula Lotay and Adam Gorham!

DIVINITY II #2 (of 4)
Written by MATT KINDT
Cover B by TOM MULLER (MAR161815)
Variant Cover by TREVOR HAIRSINE (MAR161816)
Variant Cover by TULA LOTAY (MAR161817)
Variant Cover by ADAM GORHAM (MAR161818)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | VALIANT PRESTIGE | On sale MAY 25 (FOC – 5/2/16)