Review: Comic Block March 2016

After seeing an email that Comic Block would be mutating, and that there’d be some Wolverine and Batman themed items included, I decided to take the plunge again after cancelling my previous subscription after three boxes last year (you can read why here) .

After ignoring Comic Block for six months, was it worth me checking out the first time the larger version?

It absolutely was. This Comic Block had what I hoped the original format would have when it first started in 2015; comics and  actual collectibles/stuff but back then we only received three comics, a t-shirt and a useless “collectible” that was at best a nice bonus or (usually) a box filler. We got a whole lot more this month. With the increased price, which is in line with the other boxes (Classic, Arcade, Horror and Scifi) the new Comic Block is packed to the rafters.

comic block march 1

Can you spot the thing that doesn’t quite fit?

  • the obligatory t-shirt
  • either a Batman or Superman Funko Pop! from the Batman v Superman line
  • a Wolverine Dorbz
  • a Batman print
  • Mr. J’s April Fool’s kit
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice decal
  • Superman #50
  • and a couple of dollar comics

I’m sure if you’re reading this then you’ve got at least a passing familiarity with subscription boxes. If not, then in a nutshell, you pay a monthly fee and a company will ship you a box full of mystery goodies. When it comes to boxes from Nerd Block you’ve usually got a rough idea as to the contents of the box; a t-shirt is fairly common, as is some kind of Funko product, and with Comic Block, well it’s safe to expect a comic or three. This one fit the bill perfectly.

So shall we break it down a bit?comic block march 2

First up, the t-shirt. Coming from Shirt Punch, where this type of shirt generally carries a $10. The fit and fabric is always good from Shirt Punch, so I knew that at worst I’d wear it underneath a dress shirt; but this is a pretty cool design, not necessarily my favourite though, but one I’ll wear quite happily.

comic block march 3The Wolverine Dorbz, from Funko is an item that I’m happy with, and according to it’s currently $22, which seems a bit excessive. While it’s not anything I’d have ever picked up myself, especially at anything above $10, it’s a nice addition to a block that’s heavily weighted toward the DC side of things. I’m sure I’ll find a place for the little guy somewhere, whether that’s at home or the office.

The next item on the list is the Funko Pop! figure, which depending on where you get them (and what it is) can run from $10-15. I got Ben Affleck’s Batman in my block, which I was super happy about when I realized the other option was Superman. I’ve already got about five or six different Batman Pops, and had every intention to pick this one up as well, so obviously I’m chuffed it’s in this block. Because I have no intention of opening it yet, the image blow is from Google.comic block march 4

Mr. J’s April Fool’s Kit and the Batman v Superman decals are also pretty cool items (and I have no idea of the value, and am lazy enough not to look), so let’s just slap $5 on each), that in this block are nice bonuses, but could have easily been the box-filling collectible in the smaller version of Comic Block in months past. The decal is a glow in the dark one, and the April Fool’s Kit has a whoopee cushion and some fake ice cubes with flies in them. Like I said – a nice bonus, but not worth individual pictures (you can find them in the top corners in the image above).

comic block march 7Perhaps my favourite item in the block was a fantastic Batman print of Adam West as the Caped Crusader. It’s a really nice glossy print that’s a little bigger than the size of a comic. It’s a great image that I’m going to find  a place for somewhere in my house, but I’m thinking I’ll probably want a frame for it before I procure some wall space, but again I have no idea of the value.

Finally, we come to the three included comics in the box.

Superman #50 ($4.99)  is the main draw for me here, as I already own Batman And Robin #1, and the entire graphic novel of Dark Knight Returns, so the two dollar comics included are something I’ll probably give to somebody else, but their inclusion was nice, and are great comics if you haven’t read them.

Considering the increased price of Comic Block now ($19.99), I think that  the value of the contents in this block far surpass the stuff that used  to come in the $13.99 boxes. I’m not going to add to value of each of the items up, because for me what I received was easily worth the price of admission (and I’m lazy). I ordered this block out of curiosity (and because of the hinted Wolverine and Batman items), but I’m thinking I’m going to stick around for another block or two – and if you want to sign up you can click any of the Comic Block links in this post and do so.

The March Comic Block was probably the best subscription box I’ve ever opened, especially because I loved the characters that were featured, but that obviously will vry for you depending on how big a fan you are of Batman and/or Superman. While I don’t expect to be as taken with the April’s block, if it’s half as good as this, I’ll be happy.

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