DC Comics Markets Rebirth with YouTube Ads

One of the things we stress here on this site as well as our radio show is the need to market comics beyond the current market and bring in new readers and customers. It’s not an easy task, but doing nothing is not the answer. During DC Comics‘ recent presentation about their new initiative “Rebirth” co-publisher Dan DiDio emphasized they were going to work to bring in new customers. We’ve heard that before from many, but have rarely seen actual action.

So, color me surprised when I went to watch a YouTube video to be presented with a video ad for DC’s “Rebirth.” With great visuals and ear catching music, it might be the first time I’ve watched a complete ad on the video platform.

So, it looks like the publisher is going all in and will be advertising. So we’re asking you. Where else have you seen DC marketing Rebirth outside of comics?