Review: Klaus #4

Klaus_004_A_MainWhen I initially heard that Grant Morrison would be writing what is, essentially, Santa Claus: Year One I was genuinely intrigued. It’s such an outlandish notion that it almost shouldn’t work, but when a writer like Morrison throws Santa, a Nordic styling, and some almost hallucinatory magic into a mixing pot, the end result has (so far, any way) been spectacular.

Klaus #4 tells us a little more about the future Santa Claus, an origin within an origin if you will, but Morrison doesn’t stop at just giving you the early bit in one ham-fisted segment at the beginning, but more of a drip fed panel by panel of the origin that leaves you wanting just a little bit more. I enjoyed the way in which it was told, just as  enjoyed the issue itself.

Focusing on what drives the young Klaus is a good touch for the middle issue of the series, shedding just enough light on the man’s motivations, and the wheels behind the story itself without being over bearing. There’s also a very small nod the Dark Knight here too, which I chuckled at a little.

What drove the young, beardless Klaus to grow a giant beard? Well, there’s one way to fnd out…

The art retains the high quality that you should expect from the issue; Dan Mora has given us another stunning comic, especially with the light style variations on the falshback sequences – it’s a subtle touch, but one that clearly separates  the past from the present in this masterful tale of Klaus.

At this point it may be easier to wait for the collected edition of the comic, as opposed to hunting out the back issues (I think – but I could be wrong) as  some of them are sold out, or on their second printing, but this is a story that you should pick up and read. Don’t be fooled by the Christmas undertones, Klaus  is more than a seasonal story.

It’s fantastic.

Story: Grant Morrison Art: Dan Mora
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

BOOM! Studios provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review, but I’ve been buying the individual issues anyway