Kickstarter Spotlight: The Zipper Club – Year Two

The Zipper Club Year TwoThe Zipper Club returns to Camp Bravehearts for another summer of fun and feels. The comic is one with a positive focus, as it’s an adventure for kids with congenital heart defects.

Something’s up with Chester Thibidoux.

He’s always been the quiet member of The Zipper Club, but as a new summer at Camp Bravehearts begins, the gang has noticed him being a little quieter than usual. At every opportunity for fun, Chester just seems to stare off into the distance. The divorce of his parents back home and the absence of an old camp friend haven’t helped his sour puss demeanor, but all is not lost with The Zipper Club on the case. Here, here, Zipsketeers!

The money from this Kickstarter campaign will go towards funding a first print run for The Zipper Club – Year Two, but with the project successfully funded stretch goals are on the horizon.

Creator Len N. Wallace is a life-long survivor of a congenital heart defect, which inspired him to write The Zipper Club after spending his youth fighting illness, and his teenage and adult life counseling summer camp for kids with heart defects not unlike his own. Growing up in and out of hospitals left him with a lot of time to sit and watch TV and read and he noticed a lack of characters he could relate to with his illness. After growing up and surviving to become a professional comic book writer, he teamed with artist Brenda Lopez to bring The Zipper Club to life.

It’s a story designed not just for children growing up like he did, but also for kids who want to understand what it’s like to grow up and live a life designed differently. In this, the second of five year run that we hope to continue the series on, we want to tackle not just specific issues like heart health and illness, but also more universal issues that every kid may have to deal with, ranging from the divorce of parents, young love, coping with loss of a friend or family member, survivor’s guilt, all the way up to navigating the locust swarm known as puberty. As we grow up, we all gain our share of scars, be they physical and otherwise, Chester and The Gang are here to be the voice that says the things we survive are what ultimately show us what we’re really made of. Brought to life by the artwork of Brenda Lopez (TZC – Year One) and Joe Duncan (TZC – Year Two) that gives the children their own unique senses of personality while bringing a sense of fun, quirk, and youth to a tale of friendship and survival unlike any ever told before.

The project runs until March 14 at 8pm EST.

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