C2E2 2016: Boo Hag by Kelly Williams

Boo HagSome of you who follow social media will no doubt already know who Kelly Williams is because he draws and posts so much killer stuff that it’s nigh impossible to not have seen something from him. And lucky me i convinced him to send me a digital preview of his mini-comic Boo Hag, which is about a witch. (which witch? booo, sorry i’ll stay away from bad puns)

If you happened to pick up #8 of Eerie from Dark Horse Comics you have already seen his art in a story by Justin Jordan. Anyways, Boo Hag is the story of a couple dudes going into a supposedly haunted forest searching for proof of the witch that may or may not live there. Since it’s a mini-comic there’s only a few pages to digest, so i don’t want to spoil the story for you, beyond saying that this book is just a perfect little slice of horror. Like if The Blair Witch Project had been a comic, and also been good. Like a bone stuck in your throat all this book needs is a few pages and it will scare the hotdogs out of you!

If you’re going to C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo) this year you have the opportunity to be the first to snag a printed copy of this and take a look at the rest of his killer artwork. Honestly I’m always a bit jealous cause of the sheer talent and amount of stuff Kelly puts out, go look at his website or follow his twitter handle, @treebeerd and you’ll get an idea of the quality and quantity that comes out of him. Wait, you’re not going to C2E2? Well neither am I, if you keep your eyes open he’ll be putting this whole shebang up on his website soon enough. And hopefully continue with some more stories revolving around the Boo Hag!