TV Review: The Flash S2E15 King Shark

The Flash Season 2King Shark escapes from an A.R.G.U.S. holding tank, so Lila and Diggle travel to Central City to warn The Flash. Meanwhile, King Shark shows up at the West house and attacks Joe, Iris, Wally, and Barry.

The Flash moves the Arrow storyline along a bit in this episode. Was it announced on that show that Lila had taken over ARGUS? Diggle getting a new helmet? Those are two ways watching both series is important.

The episode is a fun one with King Shark running around and everyone dealing with it. But, the episode is really about the fallout of Earth-2 and what Cisco and Barry saw.

The big question that’s out there is whether any of the characters we know share anything with their counterparts. Will Caitlin become Killer Frost? What about Joe and Iris? It’s all up in the air and a big question that keeps being brought up over and over this episode.

And that’s part of the goal of this episode, reflect on what has happened and move the story forward. Jay died. The breaches are closed. Zoom is out there. We get a lot of foreshadowing and discussion of what’s to come.

The episode is a bridge episode, but it’s a really good one.

And that ending! We now know who Zoom is!

Overall Rating: 7.8

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