Preview: Rick and Morty #11


(W) Pamela Ribon
(A) Marc Ellerby with Ryan Hill
(CA) CJ Cannon with Ryan Hill
Variant cover illustrated by Ben Sears

READY PLAYER MORTY—Rick takes Morty to a High School Simulation planet that allows the player to accelerate his experience straight to a diploma in just one day*. Rick repeatedly kills Morty’s character, forcing him to restart in more and more vicious (and sometimes illegal) HS experiences—until Morty does things the way Rick wants and finds himself on the brink of intergalactic war. But ultimately Morty will be Morty, no matter what universe or scenario.

Meanwhile, Jerry and Summer stumble upon one of Rick’s unattended experiments and end up body-switching! Summer must find a way to get back into her body before her dad ruins her reputation or her mom rounds second.

RICKMORTY #11 MARKETING_press preview-1