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TV Review: The Flash S2E14 Escape from Earth-2

The Flash Season 2On Earth-2, the team races to find Zoom’s lair and seeks help from the most unexpected source. Meanwhile, back on Earth-1, Caitlin rushes to perfect Velocity-9 so Jay can stop the Geomancer.

The Flash continues its off-world adventures. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first part of this two part event, mostly because I didn’t think it committed enough. This episode though brings the action in a much more entertaining way by focusing the story on a jail break.

Before I get to the story though, I want to say that Grant Gustin shows off his chops. He’s his normal Earth-1 Flash self, but he’s a complete dork in his Earth-2 version. Watching his different delivery of lines and acting, it shows off how impressive he actually is as an actor.

On Earth-1 Jay has to deal with the Geomancer, which is a very blah story. It’s focus really is more on getting Jay settled and healed in a way. The action there is silly, especially where Jay is pulling people out of a building one at a time. It’s really goofy.

But, on Earth-2, it’s the fight against Zoom that’s the exciting part. Wells and Cisco have to join with Iris and Barry to stop Zoom, free Barry/Flash as well as Wells’ daughter Jesse. It’s actually exciting and much darker than the normal episode, in both style and coloring. That to me is the strongest thing about this alternate world.

Still there’s a lot of solid in this episode. There’s the mystery of the man in the iron mask, and one hell of a twist at the end (which you knew something was going to happen). I wasn’t the biggest fan of the previous episode, but the second half is a really solid conclusion.

Overall Rating: 8.3