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Review: A-Force #2

a-force #2A-Force #2 picks up right where issue #1 left readers off, but thankfully takes a huge leap forward and starts to show us that this title is heading towards being the book we all knew and loved during Secret Wars.

Singularity is still on her mission to find her friends (or the friends she remembers from Arcadia) but this issue thankfully makes this a team book readers like myself have been hoping for, and doesn’t rely solely on Singularity and her search for the world she lost, nor does it relegate the other characters to background status.

She-Hulk and Medusa try, very vocally, to get their points across and quickly realize that they alone cannot defeat the Antimatter relentlessly chasing Singularity.  Medusa manages to buy them some time while Singularity teleports the three of them to her next ‘friend’ for help…Nico Minoru…in the middle of a family wedding.  Suffice it to say, Nico is outraged that her family will never forgive her for the day being ruined; and there is an absolutely fantastic exchange between Medusa looking down at Nico and her “witch powers” and Nico firing right back at the Queen of Attilan that just has to be read.  But, Anitmatter does reappear and indeed ruin the day, but a timely call from Captain Marvel does result in a plan being made, as well as her and the final member of the team being found and informed of their part in the plan; none other then Dazzler.


Kelly Thompson and G. Willow Wilson give us a fun, action filled story, teleporting our heroines out of one frying pan right into another. There is a fantastic mix of personalities in this title, from her highness Queen Medusa, who doesn’t let anyone forget it, to Nico and her rebellious runaway attitude. Jorge Molina‘s art pairs perfectly with the story and voices that are given in this book; they feel very much like the characters we all know and love. The panels are bright and the action sequences leave you wanting more.

Overall, this is the A-Force I was hoping for when I heard the title was going to be ongoing after Secret Wars. Yes, issue #1 was a little ‘by the book’ to get things started, but I am so glad it only took until issue #2 for things to fall into place. Action packed visuals and quick witted humor make this a book you cannot miss. Welcome back ladies.

Story: Kelly Thompson and G. Willow Wilson Art: Jorge Molina
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

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