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Kickstarter Spotlight: Ezarieth World Heroes

Ezarieth_Cover-completed_7by Rod Rodolfo

Why do we read Comics? Because of what the Symbols Represent!

Ezarieth Represents Integrity!! Every Little Action Matters!!!

Our dream is to bring a brand new Universe to life that could help people to connect to the present moment and act upon it in a positive way!

We believe that trough the most simple everyday activities we can make the difference!!

We also believe in The Power of Magic! and that it can inspire people to create a better world!! We believe that our intentions, words and actions affects the world we live in!!

To prevent the collapse of the two worlds, a time-travel event brings to earth a young girl that holds the secret of human salvation: EVERY LITTLE ACTION MATTERS!!

If you fell you can make the difference in the real world, this project is for you!! BE A HERO YOURSELF – EVERY LITTLE ACTION MATTERS!!!!

EWH – Ezarieth World Heroes is a brand new universe mixing Fantasy and Superheroes, full of adventure and excitement!!!

A eight year effort collecting characters that range from fantasy to mystery and more!
Our stories take you to the world as it was, steeped in magic and fantastic creatures, and the first hero of the age, who’s descendants continue his example over the seven ages of the world. Romantic tales of destined lovers or slayers of monsters bent on consuming all before them, the world of Ezarieth offers readers an eclectic selection of what comic books have to offer. In the fantastic primitive past, or the technology consumed future, it’s a variety of entertainment for readers looking for something more, something lasting, an escape that resonates with the reasons we read comics in the first place. We want you to join us on our journey and make a difference on the real world!!! Help us bring the World of Ezarieth to Life!! Remember: Every Little Action Matters!!! and your help makes the difference!!!

Long before there was Earth, there was Ezarieth, the world that will one day become the one that we know. A time before recorded history, where men strove against fate, and gods sired legends. From the greatest warrior of ages past came a line of kings, slayers, and heroes, each who would play a part in staving off the impending doom of the Earth, and one who would actually save it. Canther II is the progenitor of a long line of heroes, and as the Age of Fantasy gave way to the Age of the Sea, Bronze, Heroes, Monsters, and Nations, in each age, the progeny of Canther II have proven instrumental to the solidity of the age, and the safety of the time.

This Kickstarter Campaign is for the very first issue of Ezarieth World Heroes: AMERICA – Every Little Action Matters.

This story tells the dramatic dilemma of her father and how America was sent to save the world! America will be a 12 issue miniseries that will tell how America learned the most important lesson of her life and the secret to save human life.

Although this miniseries are independent from each other all are interconnected and a greater experience takes place when you read them all.

The dream is to start with America and move towards the others to get them all funded here at Kickstarter. So, if you are interested in this Brand new Universe, Kickstarter is the place to get it first!!

We believe that trough the most simple everyday activities we can make the difference to create a better world!!

“ It was on this filthy place that my father thought me the most important lesson of my life: EVERY LITTLE ACTION MATTERS!!”

Every Little Action Matters, is a simple but strong “way of life”!!

What we are offering on this campaign:
1- 31 pgs Comic book. America’s 1st issue.
2- Remembering Card Game.
3- Art & Writing Tutorials.
4- Commissions by Super Star Artists

Please help us funding this project and bringing to life all these amazing characters!!! and remember: EVERY LITTLE HELP MATTERS!!!

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