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TV Review: The Flash S2E13 Welcome to Earth-2

The Flash Season 2Barry, Wells and Cisco travel to Earth-2 to rescue Jesse from Zoom. They find Killer Frost and Deathstorm whom are Caitlin and Ronnie on Earth-1. Meanwhile Jay takes barry’s responsibility on defending central city from a meta human called Geomancer.

The Flash takes us to Earth-2 in an episode that in no way can meet the expectations of fans. The build up is exciting, and at first it looks like the episode might deliver as the trio heading to this new world are bombarded with some really cool images that’ll have folks pausing their televisions for quite some time. There was the 90s Flash, Supergirl (answering a question I have) and so much more, and then the rest of the episode happens.

The good is that we get to see some of the Earth-2 versions of characters that we’ve wondered about. There’s also cool in that there’s Deathstorm and Killer Frost. There’s some great humor concerning Deadshot. Some of the character’s new versions are interesting. But overall, the episode feels very blah. By the end, I had forgotten what the point of going to the different Earth was.

The bad is some of the special fx were rather poor with really odd moments especially when it comes to Deathstorm. The blasts don’t quite come out as they should. The story itself also doesn’t quite reach the excitement I was hoping for, and really felt like it was a normal Flash episode in a different setting.

The episode was definitely one for the serious fans, and I’m not sure if they will totally dig it. There was some nice “Mirror Mirror” moments in the episode, but it never quite nails things down and totally commits to nerdom.

But… there’s still more to come! And there’s an interesting mystery character. So maybe it’ll pay off in the end?

Overall Rating: 7.7

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