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Review: Green Lantern #49

Green Lantern #49“The sounds of silence”

The countdown to number 50 is on. We open the scene with a quick montage of various cities throughout the globe all desolate. No one is will to leave their homes due to the looming threat from the Super Villain now turned terrorist: Sonar.

Sonar has vowed to destroy anyone who dares to not take his danger seriously. All lives are at stake, including the life of Earth’s Emerald Guardian:  (formerly known as Green Lantern ) Hal Jordan.

This fight for Hal has become very personal. One of the victims in Sonar’s attack is his young nephew Howard, who life is hanging in the balance at the Coast City Hospital. Hal will not let this tragedy go unanswered for.

Watching the newscast of Sonar’s destruction and ultimatum, Hal becomes enraged and his Krona energy gauntlet powers up and he cuts loose inadvertently laying waste to his brother Jim’s home.

Rather than let his brother mope, Jim reminds Hal he’s a hero and there is work to be done and it must be done. The RIGHT way. As Hal ponders his next move, Jim is listening to a report about a conference to take place from the halls of the United Nations.

Hal is completely stumped until he his brother remarks that “Hopefully they’ll actually do something and not just talk like usual.”  Hal then gets a big “eureka” moment and powers up and flies off.

Neal Adams Green Lantern #49 Variant

Neal Adams Green Lantern #49 Variant

We switch to the U.N. where all the world leaders are set to convene and decide on whether or not to give into Sonar’s demands. Before it’s too late Hal bursts on the scene and forces them all to “Shut up!”

Hal realized that all of Sonar’s bombs are sound based. So if no one is speaking they are not in imminent danger. Through this course of action he has all the time to locate and nullify the bombs by containing them in a massive energy field.

With the crisis averted, Hal receives the praise from all the world leaders but he’s mostly just relieved the worst is over. Too bad for Hal he has no idea that a much larger threat is already making his way towards Earth with him in the cross-hairs.

Overall: So this was a good little read. It had angst, danger and some limited action. It never really felt like Sonar was a major threat at all, that’s just how I see it. So even though Sonar wasn’t the Uber villain to which he was intended, his presence served another purpose. I felt like the creative team used the character to make a real life referendum of sorts on today’s political climate. The fact that talk was cheap, I took as a jab (and much needed one) to our politicians today. It’s sickening the level of unfounded rhetoric that we as the American people must endure daily. So when Hal solved the problem by taking real action, rather than deliberation it was an eye opener. I thought it was well placed and I applaud the effort. Now as for the story, it was ok. It mostly felt like filler to get us to the big milestone issue next month. Which judging from the cliffhanger in this one, is a clash not to be missed. The art by Martin Coccolo and Billy Tan was easy going for the most part. I personally am not a fan when they split the art chores on a single issue but it did just fine here. So I am charging up the gauntlet for next months confrontation eagerly. At the same time trying to recite my Green Lantern Core oath: In brightest day, in blackest.. aw heck, bring it on already!

Check out the Neil Adams variant cover though! It’s fantastic!

Story: Robert Vendetti Art: Billy Tan & Martin Coccolo
Story: 6 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7.5 Recommendation: Pass