Review: The Sheriff of Babylon #3

The Sheriff of Babylon #3BANG. From investigation to assassination, the dangerous world residing in the pages of The Sheriff of Babylon strikes out at its main characters this issue.

Following the murder of one of his training officers in post-invasion Iraq, Christopher seeks to find out who’s responsible. Quickly realizing there is no authority in place to deal with this kind of investigation, he seeks the help of Nassir and Sofia to compensate for the fact that he’s an L.A. cop trying to solve a murder in Baghdad. After Nassir and he discover the victim’s family butchered, it seems that the trail has run cold.

This features some blowback from the investigation as our focal characters find themselves being targeted. While Nassir and Sofia find themselves in greatest bit of trouble, Christopher remains virtually unscathed. Perhaps it could be said no one wants to strike out at an American. It’s also very interesting to consider of the three, Christopher is the most straightforward and honest. He may be the most clearly virtuous of the characters while the others find themselves more endangered in a “live by the sword, die by the sword” philosophy. Christopher stands out not only from the other main characters but from most other gritty-crime stories that choose a flawed, anti-hero to focus on. It makes him likeable and fresh as he presses to solve a murder no one else seems to care about.

However, we’re quickly seeing what’s at the root of this story is how your community reaches out and pulls you down when they feel you have betrayed them. Sofia and Nassir are considered turncoats, people who have worked against the best interests of their respective people, and now their lives are in danger because of it. Perhaps what Sheriff of Babylon really is promoting is loyalty.

This is issue is more Tom Clancy than Dick Wolf, the art more like the storyboard for a tense political thriller than a dry “whodunit”. Of all the fantastic books writer Tom King has on the stands right now, this is by the far the best. Not only standing above his own work, but towering above anything else being published at the moment. Mitch Gerads’s course realism creates the perfect witness to danger and tension within this world. From his angles to his close-ups, he shows himself to be as much a cinematographer as a comic book artist from issue to issue.

Story: Tom King Art: Mitch Gerads
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

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