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Kickstarter Spotlight: Karl Vincent: Vampire Hunter “Foul Blood”

Karl Vincent Vampire Hunter Foul Blood Coverby Kevin Given

Q) What do actor Tim Curry, Mafia hit man Richard (Iceman) Kuklinski and serial killer Danny Rollins have in common?

A) They all inspired characters in the novel Foul Blood

Hi, I’m Kevin Given author of the novel Foul Blood book two in the Karl Vincent: Vampire Hunter series. This is the origin of Karl or how he became a vampire Hunter in the first place. I am adapting this novel into a 4 issue comic book mini series.

Dead bodies are showing up behind the night club “First Impressions” decapitated and drained of blood. Is there a vampire loose in Boston? David Reynolds, a serial killer that Karl arrested years ago has escaped. Is he behind the murders? The second victim was Paul “Sweetheart” Sachitella, a mobster with ties to club owner Leo “The Freezer” Kowalski is Leo involved?

The comic book adaptation is going well, but I came into a financial glitch and need completion funds. To check out the first 12 pages of the comic (some unfinished) see my Kickstarter campaign. So far there are two novels in the series: Last Rites: The Return of Sebastian Vasilis and Foul Blood plus six issues of Karl Vincent: Vampire Hunter and two issues of Files of Karl Vincent all available on Indyplanet, Amazon and Kindle. You can look inside most of the books or preview them on the various sites. I chose to make Foul Blood a stand alone mini series as opposed to part of the on going series because the story takes place before Last Rites.

I am pleased to announce that Last Rites is being made into a major motion picture through Crisp Film Works. and production begins November 14, 2015.

If you like what you see, please consider funding this 4 issue mini series. Perks include all 8 comics plus you can cameo in a Karl Vincent comic book. You can be any character you like, a vampire, cop, vampire hunter, victim, or whatever. Check out the campaign video and let me know what you think.




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